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Buying Microsoft Surface Studio

Buying Microsoft Surface Studio What Everybody Dislikes About Microsoft Surface Studio and Why Anyone purchasing a Studio will probably be using it for many years, and the deficiency of USB-C will be an issue later on, if not already today. Everybody who tries the Studio will love it. The Surface …

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microsoft certifications

Founded nearly forty decades past, Microsoft continues to be among the most relevant software businesses in the world. It offers premium Certification paths that show you have good working knowledge of all the software and hardware that they deal with. In order to make sense of the vast array of …

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microsoft store.

Microsoft wants all its apps to have users to scroll left or right for more menu options rather than giving a menu button. It wants to be able to boast about having a lot of apps in the Windows Store, but it’s easier to get lots of apps if the …

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microsoft surface

Several have derided Microsoft for even earning a laptop, making sense on a few levels. As soon as it’s difficult to say with Microsoft, since there’s no history for Microsoft hardware clearance sales, it is a fantastic bet that new Surfaces are simply around the corner. Microsoft sells the Surface …

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